Biology Lab Equipment

Biology Lab Equipment

Five laboratory use stainless steel spoons of 8mm on a white background

SS Spatula

A laboratory instrument having a steel rod , clamp and blue stand used in biology laboratory on a white background

Burette Stand

100 paper strips for pigment seperation used in biology laboratory on a white background

Chromatography Paper

A plastic cover slip of different size used in biology lab on a grey background

Cover Slip

A red and black color box having biology lab instruments on a white background

Dissecting Box

A white circular paper used in biology laboratory for filtering liquids on a white background

Filter Paper

A yellow and red Lab glass instrument having mercury inside used in biology laboratory to measure the temperature of liquids

Lab Thermometer

A pack of 100 transparent slide used in microbiology lab to see things larger on a white background

Plain Slide

A Stainless steel sharp pointed dissecting instrument used to cut filter papers used in biology laboratory


NOTE: Apart from the products mentioned above , we also supply other Biology Lab Equipments as per your requirements.

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